How to Prevent Allergy Flare-ups

How to Prevent Allergy Flare-ups

Allergies can be a nightmare, but with proper care you can help prevent allergy flare-ups.  There are  many triggers, such as dust mites, pet allergens and mold spores, all should be kept under control. One of the most important factors to keep in mind is allergy free cleaning supplies. Avoid anything that has strong synthetic odors, such as perfumes/collognes, and products such as air fresheners and artificial scents.

Here are some great tips:

Eat Citrus Fruit Everyday

Eating a citrus fruit each day can slash the amount of histamine in the body by almost half. Histamine is the allergy inducing compound in the body that triggers congestion and wheezing, slash histamine in half and half the allergy flare-ups are gone. Just one orange or half a grapefruit daily will naturally help to banish allergies.

Take A Green Tea Break

Green tea offers a wide array of health benefits, including helping to banish allergies. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that hinder the body’s production of allergy triggering free radicals equalling fewer free radicals and fewer allergy flare-ups. Steep green tea for three minutes for maximum antioxidant benefits.

Strengthen Immune System With Fish

Fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, the healthy fats that keep the immune system strong and in good working order. A strong, healthy immune system launches a defense against unhealthy, invading bacteria, but does not over react, producing allergy inducing histamine, to common allergens in the air like pet dander and pollen. Eating fish at least twice per week helps to banish allergies for good.

Irrigate Sinuses With Neti Pot

Using a neti pot (or other sinus irrigation system) to wash the pollutants from the sinus cavity will instantly relieve allergy congestion. Irrigating sinuses twice per day with a natural salt and water solution during allergy season can prevent allergy flare-ups. Table salt has additives which can irritate sinuses, use kosher or canning salt when mixing your own solution or purchase a pre-mixed nasal irrigation solution.